This area also is home to the oldest forests in the temperate zone of the globe. Due to the mild climate and abundant rainfall the area is green in every season of  the yea.

There have been identified more than 60 endemic plants in the Demirkapi and Soganli mountains.The region also contains a rich environment for the wild animal life. there are grizzly bear, deer, lynx and mountain goats in this area. Uzungol has protected status such as  Natural Protected Area, Special Protection of Environment and Natural Park.

Sumela monastery, within the boundaries in Altındere village of Macka district,  is referred by ‘Virgin Mary’ among the local people.The building is about 300 meters above the valley, located outside the city of monasteries, forests, caves and water has continued its tradition aside.

The main parts of the the Sumela Monastery

Anakaya Church, several chapels, kitchen, student rooms, a guesthouse, library and holy spring.


Ayder plateau is located 19km southeast from Camlihemsin, Rize. You can go to Plateau in summer and winter with busses.

Ayder Plateau is the 1350 meters long which is best known in the Black Sea. All kinds of infrastructure services is completed and plateau has a town view.It’s floral richness and fauna are very famous as well as 50 degrees hot springs. ıt brings heal to  rheumatism, gynecological diseases and stomach discomfort. In the around of plateau; mountain goats, lynx, bears and wolves can be monitored where their natural enviroment.The Ayder Festival is held every year.


The museum was built by Konstantine Kabayanidis as a summerhouse in  back in the early 19th century.European symbols are used in building large and showy with the effects of Western European and Renaissance architecture.
However, the Pavilion’s  was built by stonework, it is surrounded by gardens of pine trees. the building’s interior was made by brick and the stairs have railings which is made by wooden.